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The pew bibles in each of the churches differ.

  January 6 Pluscarden Cecil Taylor
13 Birnie Val Regan
20 Pluscarden Sandy Mellis
27 Birnie Ruth Anderson
 February 3 Pluscarden Jeremy Auchincloss
10 Birnie Gill Garrow
17 Pluscarden Frances Mitchell
24 Birnie Anne Darnley
March 3 Pluscarden Eddie Milne
10 Birnie Colin Souter
17 Pluscarden Pearl Gray
24 Birnie Ann Stronach
31 Pluscarden Davina Farquhar
April 7 Birnie Sally Collie
14 Pluscarden Sandy Mellis
Easter Sunday 21 Pluscarden  @ 8 am Rev Stuart Duff
28 Birnie Jeremy Auchincloss
 May 5 Birnie Karen Milne
12 Pluscarden Cecil Taylor
19 Birnie June McArthur
26 Pluscarden Alison Knox
June 2 Birnie Sandra Grant
9 Pluscarden Pearl Gray
16 Birnie Gill Garrow
23 Pluscarden Davina Farquhar
30 Birnie Helen Strachan

Pluscarden – Good News Bible.  Birnie- New International Version

The ministers have contact details for each of the readers. The minister who is leading the service will contact the reader by the Friday before the Sunday service as this will give some time to become familiar with the text. Preferably the reading should be from the same version as the pew bible to enable the congregation to follow the text should they so wish. If the minister has not been in contact with the reader by the Friday or if the reader has been allocated a date which is not convenient they should contact:

Sheila Mellis on 01343 541939 or 07733435452 or


Sheila Mellis on 01343 541939 or 07733435452 or