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Before the service those on door duty endeavour to arrive at church about 10.20am to ensure that:

  • the appropriate numbers for the praise are displayed on the Hymn Board at the front of the church
  • water is available at the communion table, in the pulpit, beside the lectern and at the entrance to the church
  • mints and tissues are available at the entrance to the church
  • the appropriate book of praise and the order of service are available for the congregation on arrival
  • people are welcomed at the door and handed a book of praise and an order of service
  • the congregation is advised that refreshments are available in the session room
  • they ring the bell five minutes before the service begins
  • the offering is brought to the communion table during the first hymn

After the service:

  • open the front door prior to the minister reaching the door to shake hands with the congregation as they leave
  • collect the books of praise and stack them appropriately
  • remove water glasses etc and place in kitchen
  • count and record the offerings
  • gather the Freewill Offering envelopes and drop off with Mr Bill Knox
  • cover the banners, the organ, the kneelers and the communion table
  • Bank the collection at the Clydesdale bank as early in the week as possible.

If anyone cannot undertake door duty on the assigned date then it is their responsibility to contact another member of the team to stand in for them on the day.

Pluscarden Door Duty 2019 [.pdf]